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Acrylic Rendering


Acrylic Rendering is more durable, longest lasting, can be applied to many difference surfaces and is more expensive than traditional cement rendering. Cement render dries solid and is susceptible to cracking if there is movement in the walls, acrylic render remains flexible and can withstand small movements in the wall, . Acrylic rendering allows you to be creative with your finish, options including smooth or textured. In some cases acrylic rendering is the only option, as an example cement rendering won’t stick on timber, concrete or fibre cement, where as acrylic will.

Our Benefits

We aim to give all our customers the attention they deserve from start to finish

  • Preliminary discussion on what needs to be renderered and what your looking for
  • Project Manager to perform property analysis and give you options and recommendations if you desire
  • Project Manager to answer queries pre-quote
  • Project Manager to conduct a quote of property – including price and timeline
  • Support during project in regards to any queries or issues that may arise
  • End result will be a quality rendering project and a clean work site

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